F e n w a y 1986 - 1999


FENWAY was born in around early April 1986 near Ithaca, NY. He was adopted 20 June 1986 by then Ithaca College students Cory Conley and Chris Coveney and took up residence at 318 E. Seneca Street in Ithaca.

Fenway charmed his way out of the Tompkins County SPCA with his handsome look and huge double front paws. He charmed everyone he came in contact with and fast became a part of the family, named Fenway because Chris missed Boston.

Fenway and best friend/neighbor Sheri's cat Mirage (who passed on several years ago) were fast friends. Other than the infamous "Pookie" incident, Fenway led an uneventful childhood.

In the fall of 1987, Chris and Cory left Ithaca and moved to Boston. The 7 hour trip with Fenway wailing away was punctuated with a stop at a Western Mass. Burger King for a yummy McFishwich. Dont' like that? OK, how about my hamburger?

In 1992, Chris and Cory found a little sister for Fenway on a riverbank in upstate NY, and brought her home (also screetching all the way) to meet her very dubious and slightly annoyed brother. Their relationship remained slightly dubious for the rest of Fenway's life.

After Chris and Cory's 1993 move to 10 Bradford in the South End, Fenway really came into his own with plently of staircases to climb and his own special perch on the top of the archway overlooking the kitchen.

With the arriival of Lucas in 1995, Fenway was even more put out my the competition, so he changed his tactics from aloofness to complete sweetness and finally became the kitty we all knew he could be. He'd always been a purrer, but now there was a constant loud rumbling from his throat, and he (yike!) he started cuddling. He loved to stetch out in the sun. Kevin often called him "Luxurious Fenway."

On April 5, 1999, after being missing for several days, we found out that Fenway had died in a fall from our roofdeck. He'd been a happy, loving, loved pet for almost 13 years from college to adult life, through two daddies and a step-daddy, and 5 houses.

We will miss Fenway very very much, and hope he's happy wherever he's gone.

A $200 donation to the Tompkins County SPCA was made in Fenway's memory.

Tributes to Fenway

  • "We're very sad to hear about Fenway. I know how much it hurts to loose a pet. Especially one that has been part of your family for so long. I hope you can take consolation in the fact that he lived a very long and good life for a cat and although his death was unexpected, it was without pain and suffering." [Robin Coveney, Chris' Sister]
  • "[I]t looks like he lived a long and happy life and just think: he's in kitty heaven with a huge ball of yarn!" [Wendy Milard, a family friend]
  • Sorry to hear about Fenway's passing. He was a good cat and I know he brought you many smiles. I also know that he was very fortunate to have such attentive parents. [Tom Bernhard, Family Friend]
  • "Sorry about Fenway but for a cat it had quite a life, working it's way out of the SPCA to a College education and a life in the big city. Very few cats could make that much of themselves with such a meager start." [Harry Conley, Fenways Grandpa]
  • "[L]osing a part of your soul is much more difficult. Those little guys are so much of our lives ... and losing them is leaves such a hole. I'm really sorry." [Peter Erbland, Friend/Former Coworker]
  • "I am really sorry to hear about Fenway. I've known Fenway as long as I've known you guys. He'll be missed." [Don Picard, Family Friend]
  • "I remember how excited you were when he first came into your life. If you believe in karma, the love you've felt and feel for Fenway will elevate your soul...my companions will get extra kisses and treats tonight in Fenway's honor and memory." [Sima Weinsaft, Family Friend]
  • "Oh, I'm going to cry!" (and she did!) [Nancy Coveney, Fenway's Yaya]
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